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The world is becoming such a strange place to live in day by day.

The coronavirus crisis is still happening with many countries still on lockdown and a few days ago, the death of an innocent black man has sparked everyone’s minds with anger while NASA sent two of its astronauts to space so we can destroy that later as well. It is hard to focus on the positive while everything feels so uncertain but I choose to do that having always in mind how can I support anything that concerns me so eventually we ALL have a safe place to live at. 

Focusing on that, today’s blog post is about small/local businesses and why now is the time to support them. With the coronavirus crisis, besides our health that was threatened so was -and is- our economy. Not only ours, everywhere in the world. With the lockdowns being held almost everywhere, businesses of various types were forced to close their offices, stores, cancel orders etc. Few made it through working from home but that didn’t apply for everyone, unfortunately. I have been reading many articles that were focused on retail and fashion.

Many brands (with Gucci making the start) and designers are now going seasonless

Many brands (with Gucci making the start) and designers are now going seasonless meaning that, having many collections per year does not work for them anymore since, all the planning and work they have done until now was cancelled, leaving them with useless stock on their hands and them thinking how to approach their customers now that their priorities are shifting. Fashion weeks are cancelled for the moment being and technology is here to take over with virtual show using holographic models and clothes. As good and extraordinary that sounds, nothing beats the physical shows. In the end, buyers and press teams need to feel and see up close the collections in order to place their orders and review them. We have witnessed massive high street retailers cancelling their collections that were already produced, by leaving a lot of clothes makers unemployed and unfortunately looking straight into the unknown. A few days ago, Harrods announced the opening of their first-ever pop-up outlet store in Westfield, London. Anyone can agree that this is a smart move but hey- it’s Harrods and no one saw this coming.

Now, we know that all these big brands and retailers are economically suffering from tomorrow being unknown yeah? Imagine the small ones. Local businesses.

The ones you might see on the street and never thought of going in because the franchise you are used to buying from offers you more comfort maybe. Nothing wrong with that. I’m not throwing any shade on anyone here since I’m like that as well. But this, personally, will change from now on. Small/local/ start-up businesses are struggling now more than ever and it’s a shame, really. Behind every type of this business are people with passion who started something because of their strong belief in it. I know it’s an economical chain right now; salaries have been shortened, many people lost their jobs but we can support small businesses by changing even one of our shopping habits. 

With no further ado, I have gathered some of my favourites places to shop at or I came across and planning to shop from. You can find all of their information below on how to get in contact with them and I  really hope you will enjoy this.

If you are a small business and you’re reading this, get in contact with me this week for a special price shoot! I’ll be happy to meet you and shoot with you.

Please note that the below businesses/shops are not related to me by any way or have sponsored this post. 

Wishing you a great week ahead with loads of smiles and productivity! <3

Milk and Honey, Larnaca

IamInHateLove, Limassol

Islanders CY

Sister Sister Home Goods

Canvag EU

Just Letters, Stationery

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