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Hello, there dear reader and happy Monday to you! As this is my first Blog post, let me introduce myself. My name is Maria and I am a goal digger. If I was speaking to you last year, I wouldn’t be telling you what I’m about to tell you now. Why? Because my life was completely different and I would have never imagined me being where I am now.

After several years of a roller coaster at University, I have managed to get a degree in Photography from the University of East London (back in 2016 – WHERE DID TIME GO?!). Life since then has not been easy. You see, in the creative industry and especially in London, is very hard to get recognised and get a job in your specialized area straight after graduation. The rejection came after rejection plus a publication which actually helped me to work harder. Long story short, since then I have worked free too many times trying to get ‘out there’ and got to work for Nikon which was pretty awesome. The difference with last year to today is that I wasn’t happy and always trying to achieve a better tomorrow for myself and my work. And this is what it brings me to today’s post: last week I got to spend it to Marrakech shooting with one of my favourite bloggers of all times with whom I am becoming friends and still, writing this, it feels so surreal to me.

Isabella is a lovely Danish fashion and lifestyle blogger who is based in London for a long time now. I used to follow her work since approximately 2010 and she has been since then a big style inspiration for me. As one day was looking for a London based photographer through her Instagram, I got in contact with her and that’s how our crazy friendship started. She is one of the very few people I click easily and our taste and weirdness are quite the same. What I’m grateful for is her having me on board to shoot most of her content as well as going to different cities. Morocco was first and right now as you read this, we are heading to Cardiff for a day. These wouldn’t be happening if I hadn’t believed in my work and what I deserve. So every time you doubt yourself, my dear reader, allow you to breathe and consider that life is not easy and you must work smart and hard to achieve what you want. I can honestly tell you that it is POSSIBLE!

Arriving in Marrakech, the warm breeze reminded me my hometown – Larnaca, Cyprus – and I felt nostalgic straight away. The sun was shining and it was everything that I needed after the heavy snow and cold in London. After meeting Isabella who was already there, we arrived at our hotel and met the lovely owners who were waiting for us. The next few days that we spent there, were followed by shoots by the pool, tasteful Moroccan kitchen and a very warm hospitality. The owners have surrounded the hotel with gardens where they grow their own vegetables and olive trees so where then they use them to cook and serve to their clients. The sound of the birds and the exotic colours and scenery were everything that we needed to recharge, create and have fun.

I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me and I truly can’t wait to start sharing more experiences with you. Being a photographer is often tricky to share more of myself on social media hence my decision to start writing for you but if you fancy, follow me on Instagram to watch my Instagram stories for some BTS scenes etc. I have some few exciting things cooking up this week 😉


Maria x


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