A Different Kind of Saturday

I can’t really remember the last Saturday or weekend I had free for myself. This fact actually makes me happy because I have been so busy with photoshoots that I still can’t believe how blessed I am to get the chance to meet so many different characters and talented people through my work! Photography has always been my passion and I worked hard to be where I am and have the clients and friends I have in the field. So yeah – blessed is how I feel!

Weather in London has been a bit dark and grey lately so it was good to get a bit of sunshine this Saturday. I had the day off and I was supposed to get my head down to do some research for my university work. This is something I haven’t spoken about, until now. Back in January, I started studying at London College of Fashion. I am currently a PostGraduate student in Fashion Visual Merchandising and my course finishes very soon. So I’m excited to see how that will go (hello uni-work-life balance) and I will share more about my experience and that field in particular.
As I felt the sun warming up my flat, I thought, with my boyfriend that we should definitely take the chance and get out for a walk.

We live 10 minutes away from the ‘Gem of Essex’ aka Leigh-on-Sea. We first visited the town last year and we both fell in love with it. After all, there is a reason they call it the Gem of Essex. People are so welcome, warm and smiley. There are many restaurants, pubs and what I like the most is the fact that there are many local shops. You can find everything from clothing, interior design to lovely bakeries! It’s easy to get there with c2c Rail from London, or any other places in Essex.

As soon as we arrived at the station, we walked towards the marine which has a great seafront view with many boats waiting for the perfect weather to sail. Families, couples, dogs, everyone was out walking, drinking or having lunch in the sunshine! I must say it felt good not wearing a jacket in a long time. We sat at the PeterBoad pub for a lovely (typical) lunch: FISH & CHIPS. The service and the food were amazing and having the chance to sit outside and enjoy our food, reminded me a lot of being back home.

Afterwards, we walked towards Chalkwell station where we sat down on a bench and gave ourselves time to reflect and relax before we head back home to watch a movie. We often take our time and days for granted and having had this time off to spend with my boyfriend made me so happy because I got to finally relax and recharge for this upcoming busy week.

Next time you are free and there is sunshine, make your way down to Leigh-on-Sea. You can find more details and stay up to date with events HERE. I promise you will fall in love with it as much as I did!


Maria xx

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