EMPORIA : Blacks Visual X Proportion London

Visual Merchandising is a great field for one to study. From commercialized lifestyle to creating experiential environments, VM has it all. It’s interesting to see and predict what is next. As fashion is an industry which evolves by the day, for me, it is crucial to stay up to date both on my photography and fashion visual merchandising PGCE.

What is not a surprise for the industry are collaborations. They have been happening for a long time now and I don’t think they will stop any time soon. For example, take Heidi Klum designing clothes and modelling for Lidl. Tommy Hilfiger x Gigi Hadid, Louis Vuitton x Jeff Koons and the upcoming Moschino x H&M. Love them or hate them, collaborations are big, exciting and refreshing for this industry.

A fresh collaboration in the Visual Merchandising era happened between Blacks Visual and Proportion London. Blacks Visual is a retail design and production house. Few of their clients are Missoni, Mulberry, Topshop and Reiss. Their outstanding designs for window displays and retail environments are what makes them one of the best in the retail industry. Proportion London is a leading mannequin manufacturer based in the UK who have worked with Selfridges, All Saints and Primark. Their mannequins are high quality no matter the collection which is one of the reason why are the ones producing many of the exhibitions at the V&A and even in different museums in the US. Currently, I am working on a collaborative project regarding their showroom and my excitement could be bigger!

‘Emporia’ was the collaboration display in Proportion’s London showroom which was showing and discovering new ways of visual merchandising. Mannequins where displayed in a different way in homeware sections plus the showroom was separated in small sections-rooms. The vibe of the colours and the atmosphere made you feel that you were at an exhibition and a store at the same time! From vibrant fuchsia & orange colours to cooling whites and browns, to the latest hanging methods for window displays and retail environments, Emporia show had it all.

This past week was full of classes at Uni, attending shows and showrooms to shooting something exciting for Topshop! Photos of the last one are on the way, make sure you come back next week to check them out. Now off to another busy week of classes, shoots and loads of studying. After all, I have a deadline to meet soon!
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Happy Monday to everyone, may your week be as fine as yourselves!

Maria. XX

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