Here I am sitting in my living room typing a new blog post after a long time. I have the flat to myself as the boyf is away for business and I just cooked myself a nice brunch while listening to Green Day. Old habits die hard. One day I’m gonna be 60 years old and STILL, you’ll find me listening to punk rock music. That’s a big part of me. I’m trying to remember when was the last time I did this: take care of myself. It’s been a loooooong time. If you follow me on Instagram you might have noticed that I have been away as well. Just a week ago I finished my PGCE on Fashion Visual Merchandising which started in January. Man, it feels like yesterday. It’s a course that took 15 weeks to complete and I can confirm now that the pressure was real. 3 projects, 5 weeks each. I know it sounds like “woman you had plenty of time to think about each project and do it” but honestly, I struggled. I loved the course! I got to discover the great world and art of Visual Merchandising and now I have the skills to go on and practise it. Will I though? No clue just yet. Being a freelance photographer works fine for me at the moment and I can only say that things from now on are taking off. Big time. Photography is my passion and what I can see myself doing for a lifetime but VM has shown me what I am capable of. I promised a review of the course etc and that is coming soon after an interview I have. #StayTuned I guess 😉

A day after I finished my PGCE, I went to Bath to spend some quality time with my boyfriend. It was a birthday present from me to him and so much needed. With his busy work schedule and mine, we find it a bit difficult to even have dinner together anymore. We arrived in Bath last Saturday and stayed until Tuesday. It was magical. Bath is such a beautiful city and small. We stayed in the centre of it and every sightseeing and cafe was maximum 10 minutes walk. I miss that. I miss walking somewhere or getting somewhere in less than 30 minutes, to be honest. It reminded me a lot of my hometown.

Arriving on Saturday at around 1:30 pm, we went straight to our hotel where we left our bags, freshen up and got out on the hunt for lunch. Yes, I say hunt because we were starving! Thankfully we came across to a deliciously wooden oven restaurant with pizzas. I had a calzone and the babe had a pizza. Straight after we went on to explore the city and its small alleys. As it was Saturday, few of the marketplaces were open and I was so happy with how good the weather was. We had our coffees and dinners outdoors whenever possible! We finished the day with wine at Vino Vino and then at an underground bar called Dark Horse. If you ever visit Bath, I insist you visit Dark Horse. It is low ceiling place (where you can definitely hit your head if you get a bit drunk) with all the walls painted black and it feels like all the secrets in the world are buried in each corner.

The next days found us chilled, walking around, enjoying coffee and ice cream and good food. Of course, we had to be a bit of tourist and so we visited the Royal Crescent, saw the Roman Baths, the Putney Bridge and walked along the river. We also had the great chance of discovering a bookshop in the marker where you can buy second-hand books for the price of £3,50. Anyone who knows me knows that I love reading books and not on a kindle version. I’m very old school when it comes down to that. Especially buying second hand. Not only I support the business but I like the feeling of thinking that the person before me might have the same taste in books as I do. We also came across a shop which sells magazines. It’s called Magalleria and the name says everything. It feels like a gallery and you can buy any magazine of your taste. At this point, I have to say that the people of the city were so kind and chatty as well. Life in London can be so hectic that makes everyone so stressed in order to achieve everything in a day and I must say, I miss meeting people, not in a hurry and up for a chat.

By saying that, I must admit that I found myself feeling a bit anxious for the last two days of our stay. The deal between me and my boyfriend was to now take our laptops and take some time off while in Bath. Relaxing got me worried thinking: am I missing from work now? What am I doing? Do I deserve this? I should be working. I should be on my laptop editing. I should look out for my clients. I should… I felt so guilty about taking some time off with one of the most important people in my life. I think this is quite common for freelancers as we need to make sure that we have everything under control and holidays, is the last thing we have in mind. Anyway, I enjoyed every single minute and I am more than happy to feel energised once again, ready to give my best self at work.

I have some exciting projects coming up, hopefully, some trips as well and at this point, I want to thank everyone that stood by my side and supported me until this very minute. And taking care of mental and physical health is so important and so, this weekend is all about me.

If you ever visit Bath, have a look at the list below with links to restaurants and local shops to visit.

Wishing you an amazing week and see you on the next blog post!

Maria xxx


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