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It’s been a long time since I last posted a blog post and A LOT happened in the meantime. I will share everything one step at a time and one thing I got to realise for sure is that I miss writing. Sharing personal experiences, thoughts or tips on photography here in my own blog/space makes me feel strange. Strange in a very good way. Because I don’t know who you are but you are still here interested in reading what I have to say and as my photography, these blog posts influence you, my readers, and the thought of that makes me feel a big mix of emotions. I can promise you that from here and on, I will do my best to write every week and share my world with you. Today’s blog post is all about sharing my experience from my recent trip to Amsterdam where I had the great pleasure to visit with my good friend Isabella in partnership with Radisson Blu Hotels.


A month ago I received her call saying: ‘WE NEED TO LEAVE IN 3 HOURS PACK WHATEVER AND MEET ME AT HEATHROW’. I was shocked! At that time I was spending my day with my very-best-friend-turned-brother Neofytos who was visiting me and we were in London. He was leaving on that day to go back to Knaresborough where he lives and, after Isabella’s call I had to leave him somewhere with my boyfriend, get my ass back to Essex where I live, pack few clothes and then race with a taxi to Heathrow to hopefully catch our flight. I can tell you that it was the most stressful thing I ever went through BUT both of us made it! Exhausted as we were, we got to our hotel in the centre of Amsterdam nearly mid-night and slept right away.

We were spending four beautiful days there and I couldn’t wait for it. Amsterdam is such a touristic place but whenever I travel with Isabella we tend to discover the place we are at in our own ways. We never got to touristic attractions (we only wanted to visit Anna Frank’s museum but the queue was super duper long so I advice you to book your tickets long way before your visit) and instead, we walk throughout the city while always looking for good coffee on the way. Amsterdam is the perfect place to do that. You can never get lost. Everything feels so close to each other and to be walking along the canals makes everything even better. Obviously not while raining so make sure to check the weather before booking your trip over there.

We shot more than 6 outfits, discovered great places to eat and drinks as well as homemade caramel waffles. OMAGAD. Heaven on earth. Well done to whom came up with them. Yum. Public transportation in Amsterdam is very helpful and easy to use. We always had the help of Citymapper. We only used it to get from the airport to the hotel because we were just staying in Amsterdam so we walked our way throughout the rest of the days. Trams are also easy and cheap to use (if I’m not mistaken it costs €7 a daily ticket to get anywhere) which for us it was great. Living in London and spending a lot on the communications here made me realised that.

People are so friendly as well. I can’t explain it in words but the vibe was so different and so creative. Everyone was smiling, we could spot entrepreneurs and freelancers in different working places we spot along the way and the interiors of the places OMG. I could definitely see myself working at one of those places there. Everything just fell so inspiringly nice!

Along the way, we got to discover many vintage shops as well which was brilliant. Sustainable fashion and ways of dressing is something that is very trending in terms of how we should take action and help the industry and the environment. The vintage shops we came across to, were super tidy and clean. Customer experience was always great and the prices as well. We weren’t looking for anything in particular but if we came across to anything creative and styling we could use for our use, we just went for it.

Few of the places we visited were

Bocca Coffee Shop, Sticky Fingers, Back to Black, the super pink Instagrammable Mamma Kelly, PLUK, Polaberry (all about those strawberries bathed in chocolate), Bar Jones which was very close to our hotel and spend a night catching up of everything while drinking wine and Ree 7 where they make fantastic freakshakes.

After those 4 amazing days spent together with my girl, we made our way back to London. For the rest of the weeks up to today, one big decision changed my plans as well as lots of shoots. I will share more about it on the next blog. #StayTuned

I always look forward to improving myself and write about subjects you would like to read from me. PLEASE do let me know your opinions with a comment below. I also hope you like my new editing and layout of photographs.

Until the next time.

Maria x


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