A simple life update

September has not always been my favourite month.

I could easily say that I might hate it as well and hate is a strong word. For some, September feels like a new year as a new season starts but for me, September was always a weird one. It was always a month I counted down the days for it to end. This one was the same but worst. Since the time we took the decision to move back to Cyprus, I have been counting down the days (well the app on my phone has but LOL, details). For me this year, September was the transitional month between the end of the summer and for when the final countdown will start for my life’s new chapter. It also meant that it would have been a month full of mixed emotions. I have already started visiting my old tutors, old friends and my forever ones. Thankfully it passed without noticing it. SO HELLO OCTOBER YOU SEXY THANG!

I’m currently writing this blog post from my best-friend’s-more-like-a-brother flat. I have been at his place for the past 4 days and I’m leaving for London soon. Without any exaggeration, these 4 days were the best I had in a very long time. We got to spend so much time together, cook, drink and drive to 3 different towns around here. We got to see some other friends as well and I honestly didn’t know how much I missed it until now. This trip is a goodbye one from me to him as we really don’t know when are we gonna see each other again. The only thing that it is for sure is that next time we’ll meet, no matter the place, it will be fabulous as always. I’m writing this while smiling because I only have few people I feel this way with and honestly it is the best thing in the whole world. To have met someone years ago and still be friends with, it is something very rare in today’s world. To have someone who you can be with and be truly yourself without feeling bad about it’s a bloody blessing. By leaving him in a few hours I know that the final moving day back to Cyprus is getting closer and hopefully in a few months time he will be at my balcony drinking wine and laughing our souls out.

This blog post was not planned at all. Since I’m going back to London tonight to only unpack and repack for Paris where I’m going tomorrow (I KNOW, SUPER EXCITING!) I thought to quickly write one and say hi. I’m spending the rest of my week in Paris with one very special friend\client and then I’m coming back to spend the weekend with family friends for maybe the last time before me and the boyf leave. If I was to describe this past week in two words it would be fucking emotional. My feelings are so mixed right now but I believe that the excitement overtakes everything else.

Thank you once again for reading my blog (especially the last one which clearly you all loved). All of my photos for this post were captured on my phone as I didn’t want to bring my camera with me for once. 😉 Let me know how your week has been -all the good and the bad- and let’s start a conversation here, shall we?

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