Paris je t’aime

Can we appreciate the power that travelling has?

It has been already a week since I got back from Paris and back from travelling for 2 weeks. As a person but especially as a photographer, one of my main goals is to travel as much as I can throughout my life. I want to see new cultures, landscapes and meet new people. I want to capture as much as I can with my mind and camera. Cannot help but feel blessed to know that I have the right people by my side to do so!

After visiting my brother in Knaresborough, I returned back home for a hot second to only unpack and repack again to head on to Paris the very next morning. I spend three unforgettable days there staying at my friend’s/client’s home, Bianca. I have been working with Bianca for a good half a year now and she is an amazing soul. Every shoot with her is better than the other and it is great for me to be working with such a person that helps you improve yourself. Bianca wanted me to visit her home in Paris and create some magic before I leave for Cyprus. We had an amazing time and we created some amazing content which I really cannot wait to share it with you all.

I spent three amazing days driving around Paris and shooting in different Parisian attractions.

Of course, food was a big part of the trip! The first place we had lunch at as soon as I arrived, was Pink Mamma. I cannot recommend this place enough! From warm welcoming stuff to incredible interiors, delicious food and water mouthing desserts, Pink Mamma has it all. If you are ever in Paris visit the place and make sure to check the opening hours before you go as some places shut between 3-6pm. After Pink Mamma we drove to Montmartre. I think that was the place that made me fall in love with Paris. Montmartre is an area where you can get a breathtaking view of Paris and of course the great Sacré-Coeur. There are some mini shops, great cafes, Instagram attractive places nearby such as Le Maison Rose and the most important, Carette. Having had the chance to see such a beautiful city through the eyes of a Parisian, gave me the chance to know the best places to have macaroons and pastries. In Montmartre, there is a Carette from where we had freshly made crepes and oh my god wasn’t it the best thing in the whole world!

For the next two days, we visited Notre-Dame of Paris, had lunch at the Café de Flore (had the best french toast ever), had coffee by the Louvre, shot by Pont Alexandre III during the night with the Eiffel as a background and of course, shot by the Eiffel tower. Those days were very much needed, gave me the chance to be creative and enjoy this adventure before the big move back home.

It has now been a week of packing, catching up with my boyfriend and relaxing in the meantime. The official countdown for our move back home has begun and it is now less than a month!! The whole thing is still so surreal to me. After 8 years, I cannot believe that I will be back home with my family. That I will be spending my time with my loved ones and have the chance to discover even more about myself in a different environment. Yes, Cyprus it is my birthplace and I am over the moon to know that I will return back to my hometown but that doesn’t change the fact that I have been away for so long and I am used in a different kind of life & routine. Something that will change soon.

Keep up the hard work, support each other and love your people.

Wherever you are in the world reading this, I wish you an amazing week ahead <3

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