Home Sweet Home

My childhood room.

I still cannot believe that I’m writing today’s blog post from my room. The one I spent most of my time studying (lol) and listening to my favourite songs on the radio. Do you remember the times we were listening to something on the radio and we were running around to find a cassette in order to record it? Oh my god. Yes, I was alive during those times and wow how much has this world evolved since then? I am finally back home.

My brain cannot process the events that have happened in the last month. From visiting friends and family in London to say goodbye, packing 8 years of my life in boxes and bags to shipping everything and leaving an empty flat behind and a part of my heart. When I met a good friend before I left she told me that, for us who come from a country that has not much to offer on our profession and living in another country where possibilities and opportunities are countless, is hard to ever feel like home. See, the issue here is that you have obviously your family in your home country and your dreams in the one you are living at and a broken heart in the middle of everything. It’s hard to wake up every day and think of what life could have been if you were living it in another way and it’s even harder to be apart from your loved ones, especially if you are coming from a family oriented place such as mine.

I am back home with half of a heart but it’s beating so loud like never before.

The whole thing it is so surreal to me but eventually, I will adjust and I will make my dreams work in the most possible way they can here because I WANT IT SO BAD. And when I’m determined for something I make it happen.

I and the boyf arrived on Friday night. I’m not gonna lie, I cried as soon as we were sat in the plane before the take-off. I might have even panicked a bit. I realised how much I will miss London and once we landed I cried from happiness. Seeing my family’s faces SO HAPPY and glad to have me back, paid back for every doubt I had about this decision. I realised that I would never have to say goodbye to those faces ever again! EVER AGAIN! how mad is that?!

The weekend was spent with them in our home mostly and I must tell, it consisted of A LOT of food. And cheesecake. Homemade cheesecake. Oh good lord. I missed my mum’s cakes and desserts. On Sunday we went for a lovely coffee and breakfast in the town and had the chance to take some shots as well. Hope you like them! I almost forgot how pastry and croissants are fresh here! They almost remind me of the ones I had in Paris! Today, Tuesday, I spent my day with my Dad and looking forward to spending a bit of my evening with my mum in our first ever Zumba class *insert dancing emoji*. The day will finish off with a late coffee in the town with friends. From tomorrow until the end of the week my sister has her days off and I can’t wait to spend them all together.

My blog will be updated more often than it used to be. Finally, I am back and ready for this new chapter of my life. When you surround yourself with people who get you, trust me, everything seems a bit more positive. Good to be back.

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