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Here’s to ALWAYS growing up!

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I’m overwhelmed with many feelings right now. 

Honestly, I feel so blessed and happy to have all these people I have in my life as family and friends. Just turned 29 and weirdly enough I am so excited for this last year of my twenties. I know people go mad over age but to me, it’s just a number. If anything, this last year sought me to be grateful for being healthy and growing up so why be stressed about a number? Yesterday I spent my day with my family (of course with as many people as we are allowed under the current covid-19 rules) and it felt so good after a long time. I had my closest ones over for lunch and my day began with my fiancé setting up balloons and spoiling me with gifts. The day went by so quickly and as I’m writing this now I can’t help but revisit this past decade. 

I can’t lie, I had some great opportunities during my twenties and most of them I own them to my parents. Because of them, I got to spend those most years in London where I studied and actually grown into who I am today. I believe that most people, if not everyone, do care about their age number because of life or career goals set for themselves. Myself included. Be successful. Have friends. Have the perfect social life. Find the one. Marry that one. Have children while you don’t forget about your career and how successful you want to be. Buy a good car. Get out. Do more. Travel. As you reading this I sense a smile on your face because you know I’m correct. We all set goals and time limits to our lives. And that is not a bad thing at all. 

What these last 9 years of my life taught me was to always be realistic and don’t have many expectations from anyone – subjects that I’m daily working on. I made so many friends throughout these years and lost some in the process. Our twenties are crucial and it’s the time we figure out ourselves. For example, during my teens, I was friends with everyone because I was more sociable but mostly because I wanted to be everywhere whether that meant parties whatsoever. Now, I‘m more selective with my friends and the people I have around me. I learned that saying no and standing up for myself it’s the best feeling in the world. It took me so long and still I’m doing my best to love myself for who I am but I know that I’m not for everyone. And that’s okay. I’m at peace with myself more than I have ever been and this is something that reflects on the people around me. 

I learned to apologise instead of making excuses. I’m straight forward and real to my people. I’m working hard to my dream whenever that will be successful. I’m trying to listen more and be more available especially to my friends and family that are not near me. I learned to push myself with love for getting out of my comfort zone. I learned to say ‘I love you every single day to the ones who matter to me. I cherish the ones that support me and most importantly I learned to say no to toxic people. Watch out – there are many snakes out there. 

My point is, please enjoy your life. We are not guaranteed the time we are alive on this planet. Start saying yes and stop rescheduling. Cherish every moment before it flies out of the window. I know it’s hard for everyone now during the pandemic but do the best that you can for yourself. Be gentle to yourself and enjoy the little moments of life. They matter.

Dear reader, thank you for your support and love. Thank you for following my work no matter what. I feel blessed and happy to be writing this today. Here’s to 29 and here’s to always growing up. 

Lots of kisses, 

Maria x

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