A Long Time Coming

Exactly what the title says. This post has been a long time coming. I cannot even count how many times I sat on this laptop trying to write about something. So many times I found myself uninspired typing whatever was in my head. Since moving back home I feel that I am someone else. I don’t really know if it’s good or not as it’s a matter of perspective. The problem of being from a country and have lived in another for several years is that you always miss a home! While I was back in London I was missing my family and the Mediterranean… Read More »A Long Time Coming

Home Sweet Home

My childhood room. I still cannot believe that I’m writing today’s blog post from my room. The one I spent most of my time studying (lol) and listening to my favourite songs on the radio. Do you remember the times we were listening to something on the radio and we were running around to find a cassette in order to record it? Oh my god. Yes, I was alive during those times and wow how much has this world evolved since then? I am finally back home. My brain cannot process the events that have happened in the last month. From visiting friends and family… Read More »Home Sweet Home

Mum, I’m coming home.

I was on the phone the other day with my friend when I first said to him ‘I completely forgot how winter feels like back home. Or even Fall. I just can’t remember.’ And then it hit both of us. The strongest memories of winter and every smell of it I have were during our high school years. When we got to wake up in the morning when it was still dark, get our school uniform on, 2 layers of socks in case it was too cold, have a cup of tea (mum’s speciality) and head out. I remember that cold in my bones first… Read More »Mum, I’m coming home.