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Oh, stranger, things have happened, I know.

I have been thinking about this blog post a long time now. I have been away, lost in my thoughts for what it seems like forever. I have been writing this ‘chapter’ again and again in my notes. Always writing something new, then erasing it. As a matter of fact, I have been away from my social channels and my photography for a long time now. And to be honest this is what I tend to talk about lately – meaning the past few months. The reason why? Wish I knew. When I think about my photography I get nostalgic and sad. I remember the… Read More »Oh, stranger, things have happened, I know.

Paris je t’aime

Can we appreciate the power that travelling has? It has been already a week since I got back from Paris and back from travelling for 2 weeks. As a person but especially as a photographer, one of my main goals is to travel as much as I can throughout my life. I want to see new cultures, landscapes and meet new people. I want to capture as much as I can with my mind and camera. Cannot help but feel blessed to know that I have the right people by my side to do so! After visiting my brother in Knaresborough, I returned back home… Read More »Paris je t’aime